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Limited Edition: Tama Star Class G Bubinga Snare Drum
"A Class on its own"

The G Bubinga shell, which is thicker than the regular Starclassic Bubinga shell, exhibit a full range of harmonic tones, a powerful sharp attack and a massive, heavy sound.

Since Sapele Mahogany has durability and beautiful graining, it is used in guitar manufaturing in the top, back and sides of acoustic guitar bodies as well as the tops of electric guitar bodies.
Sapele Mahogany is also chosen for the neck piece of ukuleles due to its pleasent asthetic quality.
Tama applies the beautiful graining wood for the outer ply of the G Bubinga shell.

Tama Limited Edition Star Class Snare Drum - VP CHF 1'199.00

Size: 14' x 6.5'
Shell Material: 10plies Bubinga + 1ply Sapele Mahogany / 10mm
Hoops: Die-Cast in HN - Hairline Nickel
Strainer: MUS80A-HN
Butt End: MUS80B-HN
Snappy: MS20SN14C - Hi-Carbon
Colour: SMB - Sapele Mahogany Burst

Limited to 2 pieces in Switzerland

You will find it here:

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Limited Edition: Tama Simon Phillips Snare Drum
"30 Years of Drumming"

"The shell design of my 'Monarch' signature snare drum has proven to be a versatile and adaptable sound and therefore gave the idea to construct a snare drum incorporating the same construction.

Tama sent me a sample to evaluate and it immediately had everything I was looking for in a drum shell. Great attention to detail has been given to the dimensions of each drum to exploit the tonal quality of this snare drum.

This is a wonderful way to celebrate my 30 years of playing Tama drums and I hope you will enjoy playing this instrument for years to come."

Tama Simon Phillips Limited Edition Snare Drum - VP CHF 1'399.00
Size: 14' x 6.5'
Shell Material: 2plies Maple / 3 plies Bubinga / 2 plies Maple with Sound Focus Ring
Lugs: MSL35HN
Hoops: 2.3mm Customized Brass Mighty Hoops with 8 ears
Strainer: MUS80AH
Butt End: MUS80BH
Snappy: MS20S-S
Colour: SPA - Simon Phillips Anniversary Finish

Limited to 2 pieces in Switzerland
(Limited to 50 pieces Worldwide!!!)

You will find it here:

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Limited Edition: Tama Warlord 'Spartan' Kit

The sound, the appearance, and the sheer existence of this kit is truly awe inspiring. It can be said the the Warlord 'Spartan' kit is Tama's ultimate accomplishment. The overall impact of this kit energizes you and your audience too!

Tama KS72s Warlord 'Spartan' Drumkit  VP CHF 14'999.-
22' x 18' Bassdrum
14' x 07' Snare Drum
08' x 07' Tom Tom
10' x 08' Tom Tom
12' x 09' Tom Tom
14' x 12' Floor Tom
16' x 14' Floor Tom

Limited to 2 sets in Switzerland

You will find it here:
Musique Favre - Tiergartenstrasse 1 - 4410 Liestal - Tel: +41 61 921 9990 - www.mufa.ch

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News: Killer Rings
 "Overtone Control for Serious Drummers"

We are happy to offer you a hot new product - Killer Rings!
This is THE hottest item for all the young drummers.
Everybody will love the design of these new overtone rings designed by Drummers for Drummers.

Killer Rings utilize a specific weight-to-width ratio, called Sound Formula, to eliminate unwanted overtones without losing drum projection.

They are offered in two patterns:
IR - Infernal Rhythm
TR - Tribal Mayhem

For configurations, sizes, and available sets please check the Killer Rings pricelist:
 Killer Rings Pricelist 2010

Nothing more to say than: Have a Killer Day!!!

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Limited Edition: Tama Starclassic Performer BB Drumkit
"Black Clouds & Silver Linings"

The distinct and traditional sound of birch has made it the choice of many pro drummers for the last thirty years. But Tama delivers it's time to take birch in an entirely different direction. By using bubinga wood fo the inner layers of a birch shell, this mixture of birch and bubinga has created a new sound with a sweeter and deeper tone which exhibits the focused attack of birch paired with the enhanced lows of bubinga.

Tama PL52HZBNS-BCS Starclassic Performer B/B Drumkit  VP CHF 3'999.-
22' x 18' Bassdrum
14' x 5.5' Snare Drum
10' x 6.5' Tom Tom
12' x 7.0' Tom Tom
16' x 14' Floor Tom
2 x MC61 Multi-Clamp
2 x MTH900AS Single Tom Holder

Limited to 2 sets in Switzerland

You will find it here:
Music Arts Montinaro & Riat SNC - Rue Voltaire 12 - CH-1201 Genéve - Tel: +41 22 338 0303 - http://www.music-arts.ch/

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Musik Olar AG . Riedtalstrasse 22a . Postfach 710 . CH-4800 Zofingen . Telefon +41 62 745 80 50 . mail@musicolar.ch     

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