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News: Ibanez WH10V2 Wah Wah Pedal

"There's nothing like a sound of classic wah pedal!"

The Ibanez WH10V2 was a hit when it was first released in the 80's - and now it's back and even better.

The upgrade you will notice is the die-cast metal construction, replacing the original plastic case. Feel free to dance on this sucker now - it can take anything you dish out.

The WH10V2 features the same multiple feedback opamp circuit as the original, a feature rarely found in todays wah pedals. It also has a depth knob to control to level of the wah effect and a dry out for mixing a dry signal with the wah sound. The WH10V2 has a unique tone character setting it apart from all traditional wah pedals, as well as some modern tweaks so your sound keeps changing with the times.

Available now!!!

WH10V2  Ibanez 'WH10V2' Wah Wah Pedal  VP CHF 169.00

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News: EBS MetalDrive Distortion Pedal

"Pure, Mean, Metal Distortion for Bass!"

The EBS 'MetalDrive' delivers high-gain distortion for use in modern metal music, and other music styles that call for a mean distorted sound. It is based on a customized MultiDrive for bass player John Moyer of the band Disturbed.

The Black Label Pedals provide provide great tone for guitar, keyboard and other instruments as well.
Smooth working effects with very little or no noise and fat tone that keep the bottom solid.

Available now!!!

EBSMT  EBS Black Label Series MetalDrive  VP CHF 279.00

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News: Ibanez Tube King Distortion Pedal

"Genuine, High Voltage Distortion"

When it comes to genuine tube distortion in a stomp box, the Tube King TK999HT rules. Featuring an actual 12AX7 tube, 3 band EQ + Drive controls along with Presence switch, the Tube King generates a wide variety of tones, including thick, singing distortion and outrageous heavy metal distortion. Also with its unique VOID function, it eliminates the noise and helps to create sharp rhythmic expression with heavy distortion. Housed in a unique shaped rigid die-cast case with visible tube through the transparent window, the Tube King will reign forever.

Available now!!!

TK999HT  Ibanez 'Tube King' Distortion Pedal  VP CHF 259.00

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